Racist Graffiti Temporarily Stops Construction At Facebook's New Albany Campus

Aug 4, 2020

Construction on Facebook's billion-dollar campus in New Albany is being put on hold after racist graffiti was discovered at the site. All construction workers are being required to undergo anti-bias training. 

A spokesman with Turner Construction Company confirmed the graffiti was found Monday, and said that the company subsequently called the police and shut down the site. The company did not say what the graffiti entailed.

In an emailed statement, Turner Construction says they suspended work to send a message about how seriously they take this behavior. The company is reviewing security footage to try and find out who is responsible.

“Turner Construction Company has a zero tolerance for racism and hate,” the statement says. “We will continue to collaborate with our client, trade partners, and unions to make clear to every person on site how important it is to have a work environment free of racism and hate and where all people feel welcomed and treated with respect.”

Facebook held a grand opening for its 345-acre data center earlier this year.

Construction will resume once the training is complete. Some workers will be back on site Tuesday night.

A similar incident shut down the construction of the FC Cincinatti stadium project last week.