Protestors Gather On Columbus' Southside After Clashes Downtown

May 29, 2020

Demonstrators lined the corners at Livingston and Lockbourne Avenues on Columbus’ Southside Friday night holding signs and chanting slogans.

It was the second night of significant protests in connection with the death of George Floyd, a man killed by police in Minneapolis. The demonstrators occasionally surged into the intersection, temporarily blocked traffic and shouted “No justice, no peace.”

Drivers passing through the intersection appeared largely supportive by honking horns and raising their fists out of the window. 

Protesters closing down the intersection of Livingston and Lockbourne Avenues.
Credit Nick Evans / WOSU

Rahni Williams carried a bullhorn and led protesters in a number of chants. She said the gathering was about one thing — accountability.

“No one is being held accountable for anything,” she said, exasperated. “We need people to be held accountable for the things that they do, so if you’re the police, or the judge or anyone else, you need to be held accountable just like the rest of the citizens need to be held accountable.”

While she encouraged other to show support alongside them, Williams insisted they were only interested in a peaceful demonstration.

“If you’re coming over here be peaceful,” she said. “But know to come over here and be strong, and be, have the conviction in your soul to stand up for the right cause. That’s our thing, is stand up for the right cause, but don’t come over here with no chaos.”