Proposed Consolidation Of Ohio Disability Groups Could Streamline Services

Oct 2, 2017

A proposal geared towards streamlining services for people with disabilities is on its way to the Ohio House. The idea is to take several state agencies and consolidate into one entity.

There are three commissions within the state of Ohio that, for the most part, all do the same thing. The governmental groups identify and implement ways to help connect people with disabilities to jobs and other services.

A Senate bill condenses those three groups into one body known as the State Rehabilitation Council. Republican Sen. Bill Coley supports the bill, and says this is part of a trend from lawmakers to consolidate services to save money and cut down on confusion.

“Sometimes when you have so many different boards everything kind of gets clouded and lost in the haze," Coley says.

The State Rehabilitation Council will report to the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. The change is expected to save about $33,000 a year.