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A Poor Planting Season For Ohio Farmers

Aug 14, 2019

Ohio farmers are grappling with the worst weather-related planting season on record, with more than one in seven acres covered by the federal crop insurance program unplanted because of record rainfall.

But Ohio isn’t alone. Farmers across the Midwest have struggled with how to balance the equation of when, how or even if to plant their crops. 

Even the farmers who are insured for the crisis are barely breaking even. 

And then there’s climate change.

Today on All Sides with Ann Fisher: wet weather, farming and the future.



  • Beth Burger, journalist, The Columbus Dispatch
  • Joe Cornely, Sr. Director Corporate Communications, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
  • Nathan Eckel, soybean farmer, owner of Eckel Grain Farm
  • Anne Dorrance, ​professor Ohio State University, College of Food Agriculture and Environmental Sciences