Police: Skylar Williams Killed By Suspected Abductor After Car Chase

Feb 13, 2019

Kentucky State Police announced that Skylar Williams, who was abducted from Ohio State University's Mansfield campus, was killed by her alleged kidnapper's weapon Tuesday.

Ty'Rell Pounds reportedly abducted Williams at gunpoint on Monday. He stole another vehicle before getting into a police chase, ending when Kentucky Highway Patrol troopers stopped the car on Interstate 71.

Troopers say they fired at the vehicle after hearing a gunshot coming from within the car. Both Pounds and Williams died from the altercation.

In a press conference Wednesday streamed live on Facebook, Kentucky State Police announced the bullet that killed Williams was fired by Pounds.

"The bullet fired into Ms. Williams was fired from the weapon being carried by Mr. Pounds,” Commissioner Rick Sanders said. “That weapon has been positively identified as the weapon that shot her in the arm and penetrated her side."

Pounds was shot and died at the scene. Police on Wednesday identified Joey Brown as the officer who killed Pounds. According to Kentucky State Police, he has a clean personnel file with no history of disciplinary action. Brown is on leave until the investigation of this incident is complete.

According to Sanders, Pounds was wearing a bulletproof vest. Williams was also struck by at least one bullet fired into the car.

“And Officer Brown then attempted first aid to save her life," Sanders says. "She had been shot through the left arm, exited the underarm and penetrated the left side of her chest."

Afterwards, Brown tried to use a tourniquet to save Williams' life. She was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital and pronounced dead.

Brown was the only officer on the scene who fired a weapon. He was not physically injured during the altercation.

The Oldham County Sheriff’s Office was also involved in the chase.