Police Procession Carries Fallen Westerville Officers Through Town

Feb 12, 2018

Westerville residents lined the streets Monday morning as a procession of squad cars escorted the bodies of two fallen police officer to funeral homes. 

Oakstone Academy lies right along the procession path, and third grade teacher Lindsey Sullivan has brought her class out to see the motorcade. 

“We got some questions, yes. We also got a lot of comments," Sullivan says. "Some of our kiddos have met, or had met, these cops, and so they were very somber by that.”

Westerville residents lined up along State Street.

Around the corner, two firetrucks extended their ladders—forming a kind of archway for the procession to file through.

"Well, it's a show of respect for line of duty death," explains Westerville Deputy Fire Chief John Ross. "We're crossing the ladders, and hanging an American flag."

Credit Nick Evans

"And you see agencies from all over Central Ohio coming here to show respect to this procession as they come by," he says. 

A crowdfund benefiting the officers’ families set up by the fraternal order of police is approaching $300,000—the original goal was $50,000.  

Meanwhile, authorities have charged the suspect, Quentin Smith, with two counts of aggravated murder.