Podcast: How 'Zelda' Inspired a Young Man to Take Up an Ancient Instrument

Mar 1, 2017

Can you play the ocarina?

I'm supposed to know about these things, but I admit I had to go online and find out more about the ocarina.

Why? Well, I can't play the ocarina.

But Sean Flynn can play the ocarina, and it all began with his love of Nintendo video-game series The Legend of Zelda.

Here, Sean plays his three ocarinas of varying sizes, shapes and sounds in the Classical 101 music library:

Sean is working at Classical 101 as an intern. He comes to us trough a privately funded program that gives work experience to young adults on the autism spectrum.

When he started, I asked him to give me a list of all of his interests. Along with gaming and Japanese culture, he let me know he could play the ocarina.

We recently sat down together, and he shared his journey from bright young man to ocarina specialist:

An ancient instrument lives into the 21st century, thanks to Sean pursuing an interest he found online. I've suggested he form an ocarina ensemble, both for informal music therapy and pure fun.