Percussion Soloists Cameron Leach and Colleen Bernstein Team Up In New Works

Jan 31, 2020

Sometimes a snare drum is not just a snare drum.

Percussion soloists Cameron Leach and Colleen Bernstein took the drummer’s humble rat-a-tat-tats into the world of scat singing, hand drumming and other unexpected feats on a recent visit to the Classical 101 studio.

Leach and Bernstein gave us command performances of selections from percussion works composed during the last decade – some commissioned by Leach and Bernstein themselves.

Watch the video below as Cameron Leach drums and scat sings through a section from Tchik by French composer Nicolas Martynciow. Then, catch the funky vibe – pun intended – of the first movement of American composer David Skidmore’s I Leave You the Real World for solo vibraphone and electronics.

Also see and hear Bernstein perform Lindsay Vasko’s What Happens in Between, a work Bernstein commissioned and which is now quite possibly the first and only rudimentary snare drum solo by a woman composer. Finally, Bernstein performs Canadian composer Alexandre David’s Divertimento for vibraphone solo.

Cameron Leach and Colleen Bernstein perform “An Evening of Percussion” Saturday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. in the van Fleet Theater of the Columbus Performing Arts Center.