Peaceful Demonstration Gets 'Poor People's Campaign' Members Booted From Statehouse

May 30, 2018

Advocates for low-income Ohioans continue what they are calling the “Poor People’s Protest.” And this latest one at the Statehouse culminated with some activists being removed from the premises without a struggle.

Protestors sat inside the Statehouse, singing, praying and talking. When the building closed and they were asked to leave, four wouldn’t.

The Ohio Highway Patrol, which oversees Statehouse security, took down the names and contact information for the four. Then officers, in pairs, walked on both sides of the protestors, peacefully escorting them outside.

The Poor People’s protest is a 40-day long period of civil disobedience modeled after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s campaign to make people aware of issues important to low income Ohioans. The nationwide movement calls for legislative changes like an end to gerrymandering and "right-to-work" laws, full funding for federal anti-poverty programs, changes in immigration laws, and bans on assault weapons.