Pastors Arrested While Protesting Treatment Of Immigrants At Youngtown Prison

Aug 21, 2018

Youngstown Police arrested five people Monday protesting the treatment of detained immigrants at the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center. 

Four of the five people that were arrested are area ministers along with a Canton businessman who accompanied them were taken into custody for blocking the entrance to the privately operated prison.

They were part of a group of about 30 protestors trying to get the prison to allow ministerial visitations for immigrants held there. That's something Lynn Tramonte, a protest organizer for America's Voice Ohio, says is just not being permitted.

“Dustin White, the pastor from Radial Church in Canton has been calling every week for months," Tramonte said. "He keeps getting the runaround. Different applications, different people he’s supposed to talk to; it’s like a convoluted maze and it doesn’t lead to being able to minister to the detainees religious needs.”

White, and minsters John Beaty, James Talbert and J.R. Rozco were taken into custody along with business owner Austin Miller. They are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning.