"Ohm" Monday, Week Four: Yoga on High Studio Collaboration

Jun 22, 2015

Yesterday, millions of yogis celebrated the first International Yoga Day so today's "Ohm" Monday is a special collaboration with the teachers at Yoga on High.

These professional yogis have made a special Classical 101 Energizing Sequence for you to download and practice along with a dynamic playlist. Let's enjoy this beautiful "Ohm" Monday!

Download your very own Energizing Sequence from the teachers at Yoga on High.

Music to Move You

Pose #1 and #2:

Poses #3 and #4

Poses #5 and #6

Poses #7 and #8

You can visit Yoga on High at 1081 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201 or call (614) 291-4444 to learn about their on-going classes and programs. Special thanks go to Jasmine Grace and Katie Whitsett for their collaboration and expertise.