Ohioans Can Hunt Deer With Guns This Week

Dec 2, 2019

Monday kicks off Ohio’s annual week for hunting deer with guns.

Registered hunters can shoot deer in the state through Sunday. 

"This is the Super Bowl of deer hunting," says Brian Banbury of the Ohio Division of Wildlife. "It’s Ohio’s biggest outdoor adventure. Deer gun week is very popular. A lot of people from out of the state come to Ohio, a lot of people who once were from Ohio come back to hunt on the family farm."

Banbury says his department is hoping for a good turnout this year, despite hunting trending downward on the whole.

"Nationwide we are seeing a slight decrease in actual people engaged in hunting," Banbury says. "A lot of it is just we’re finding and hearing back from people they just need someone to show them the ropes."

Last year, nearly half of the deer killed in Ohio were hunted with archery equipment instead of guns. Banbury says that’s in large part because archery hunters have nearly six months to hunt deer, compared to just the one week for guns.

"Back in the '80s, '90s even early 2000s, that was a huge swing towards firearms," Banbury says. 

Regardless of hunters' choice of weapons, Banbury hopes people participate in the hunt, which supports conservation efforts in the state.