Ohio Votes: The Establishment Won And Gerrymandering Lost | WOSU Radio

Ohio Votes: The Establishment Won And Gerrymandering Lost

May 9, 2018

It's a special edition of Snollygoster, Ohio's political podcast from WOSU Public Media, as hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown recap the state's primary election results. This was a jam-packed, but not particularly surprising, night, as voters decided candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, treasurer and too many more to count.

Any Ohioans hoping to shake things up were likely disappointed as "establishment" candidates who spent the most campaign cash came out ahead. Now, after a particularly nasty Republican race for governor, "party unity" is the new rallying cry.

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In this week's episode:

Can Republicans Play Nice?

It was a dirty campaign, but Attorney General Mike DeWine beat Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor by a clear margin. Former Ohio GOP Chair Matt Borges weighs in on bringing Republicans together and the strategy heading into November.

Over the Democratic side, the "progressive" versus "more progressive" contest fell in favor of the former. Did the media give Dennis Kucinich too much credit as a serious contender for Richard Cordray?

Voters Want To End Gerrymandering 

Ohioans gave a huge thumbs up to Issue 1 and the hope for a more fair and bi-partisan process for drawing Congressional district lines. It's a big victory not only for lawmakers, who crossed party lines to compromise on the amendment, but also for citizen groups like the Fair Districts Fair Elections coalition, who have been pushing reform for years.

Only time will tell if the measure is enough to end the age-old practice of partisan gerrymandering.

Columbus Gets A New City Council... In 5 Years

Voters in Columbus backed a city-approved scheme to change the makeup of the city council. In addition to adding new seats, the plan will require council members to live in and represent city districts that are yet to be determined. Oh yeah, and the whole city still gets to vote for every district's council member.

John Kasich GPS

Gov. Kasich didn't waste any time responding to President Trump's announcement that the US will be withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal.