Ohio Statehouse Considers Abortion Ban For Down Syndrome Diagnoses

Sep 25, 2017

Parental love. Women's rights. The trust between doctor and patient.

These are some of emotional issues at play as Ohio becomes the latest state to consider banning abortion if it's based on a diagnosis that a baby would be born with Down syndrome.

State Sen. Frank LaRose is sponsoring SB 164, and state Reps. Sarah LaTourette and Derek Merrin are sponsoring HB 214, which would charge physicians convicted of performing an abortion under such circumstances with a fourth-degree felony.

The bills would strip physicians of their medical license and held liable for legal damages under the proposal. The pregnant woman would face no criminal liability.

Backers argue terminating pregnancies in such cases is a form of discrimination stemming for misinformation and society's growing perfectionism.

Opponents say the measure would undercut a woman's legal right to an abortion and harm the doctor-patient relationship.

The National Down Syndrome Society has not taken a position.