Ohio State Students Seek Counseling After Monday's Attack On Campus

Dec 2, 2016

As the Ohio State University campus gets back to its routine following Monday’s attack outside of Watts Hall, some students, faculty and staff may need more time to recover.  University officials are offering more counseling services to help in the healing.

Officials from the Office of Student Life say they have seen an increase in the number of people seeking counseling after the car and knife attack on Monday.

“It is very normal to have more anxious or nervous feelings," says Micky Sharma, the director of OSU's office of Counseling and Consultation Services.  

"People have what we would call an increased 'startled response,' where someone might hear a loud noise and be more jumpy.”

For more on the anxiety affecting some students and staff, and how the university is responding, WOSU's Debbie Holmes sat down with Sharma.