Ohio Proposes Changes To Medical Marijuana Program

Dec 13, 2019

Nearly 75,000 Ohioans have registered with the state to receive medical marijuana. Of those, just over 51,000 have actually purchased the product.

Erin Reed, director of medical marijuana for the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, says that some proposed changes to the program will make it work better.

“We’ve been able to identify spaces that maybe looked good on paper or might have worked for another state based on that state’s particular set of circumstances, but after it’s been implemented in Ohio, we’ve needed to tailor the rules so that it’s a better fit and also harmonizes with how our internal systems work in many cases," Reed says.

The proposed changes include making more information about dispensaries available to patients, providing non-child resistant packaging upon request, loosening rules on advertising to make it easier for patients to understand, and providing discounts on products for former state employees receiving disability benefits from the public retirement systems. 

The Board of Pharmacy is seeking input from the public on the proposed rule changes. Instructions on how to provide comments can be found here.