Ohio Governor Vetoes Voter Item In Bill; Impact Unclear

Apr 1, 2015

The governor has used his line-item-veto pen to strike a provision that Democrats claimed would discourage out-of-state college students from voting in Ohio.

The impact of the item’s removal remains unclear because of how residents currently are defined in Ohio law.

At issue was a provision in the state’s transportation budget requiring residents who register to vote or file their taxes under an Ohio address to also get a driver’s license here and register their vehicles within 30 days.

Drivers in violation could have faced a minor misdemeanor.

Republican Gov. John Kasich scrapped the voter-registration and tax-filer provision when he signed the two-year, $7 billion budget measure on Wednesday.

Kasich said in a veto message that the vetoed changes were potentially confusing to Ohioans and government institutions.