Ohio Democrats Propose Universal Health Care Plan

Oct 30, 2017

Two Democratic state lawmakers have proposed a plan for universal health-care coverage for Ohio, but it’s a longshot, to say the least.

Reps. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) and Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D-Columbus) said their “Ohio Health Security Act” would ensure all Ohioans have health insurance – including the 1.5 million who don’t have it now.

Debbie Silversteen, with the Single Payer Action Network of Ohio, said a publicly-funded system like this would mean more taxes.

“We are already paying through taxes about two-thirds of the health care cost in this nation,” Silversteen says. “The one-third that we’re not paying for are generally healthy people between 18-64. So it’s not that much more to add those people in.”

Other states that have investigated single payer have found the price tag is in the billions. House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) said he doesn’t expect the idea to go over well with his colleagues.