Ohio Democrats: Better Paid Family Leave Would Attract More Workers

Feb 2, 2018

State lawmakers want to ensure that all workers in Ohio get paid family leave so women and men can take care of a newborn or care for a family member who’s sick.

Democratic legislators are pushing for a bill that would require 12 weeks of paid family leave. The lawmakers, including Representative Kristin Boggs, are leaning on their Republican counterparts to consider how these policies could help the state attract new workers.

“By adopting a statewide paid family leave policy, we believe we are sending a message across the country that Ohio is a place where you can work and raise a family,” Boggs said.

Supporters of the bill say women who use paid family leave are 39 percent less likely to receive public assistance.

A similar bill was introduced in 2016 and never moved out of committee nor had any Republican co-sponsors.