Ohio Church Coalition Calls For Peaceful Inauguration Protests

Jan 18, 2021

More protests could happen this week in Ohio or at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. The Ohio Council of Churches is condemning threats of possible violence at them.

The Ohio Council of Churches represents 4,000 congregations and two-million members across the state, including the United Methodist Church. Rev. Gregory Vaughn Palmer, the Resident Bishop for the West Ohio Conference, says churches need to emphasize peaceful protest and community outreach.

“We affirm that absent truthful speech, there can never be justice," Palmer says.

The council says churches must remind members to keep protests peaceful, especially during the week of the inauguration of incoming President Joe Biden.

Some churches themselves believe they could be under threat. The United Church of Christ issued a warning last week to its churches to beware of possible violence related to some of the protests that could happen in coming days.

Most UCC churches, as well as many others, have been holding services virtually for months now.