Nobody Showed Up To An Anti-Abortion Walkout In Columbus

Apr 11, 2018

Wednesday's "Pro-Life Walkout" was supposed to be the anti-abortion answer to last month's "March For Our Lives." Rather than calling for gun regulations, though, abortion opponents touted a nationwide walkout at 200 schools to protest a procedure they equate with murder.

But in Columbus, at least, the demonstration didn't seem to pan out. lists hundreds of schools across the country that planned to participate in the coordinated school walkout, mirroring the one gun control activists staged almost a month ago. 

Whetstone High School was the only school in Columbus listed as organizing a walkout, but at the appointed time, no students left the building. According to the website, the walkout would include "17 minutes of silence and prayer" and a rally against Planned Parenthood.

A school district spokesman says there have been no reports of walkouts at any other Columbus City Schools. No students discussed participating on social media, either.

In contrast, the "March For Our Lives" on March 15 saw over 3,000 protests across the country, including dozens around Ohio. Hundreds of students around Central Ohio participated in marches, some of which were organized in part by the school districts.