New Report Shows Ohio's Job Training Isn't Matching Ohio's Job Openings

May 4, 2018

A new study finds Ohio’s workforce overall is lacking qualifications for some of the most in-demand jobs. Team NEO has created its second Aligning Opportunities Job Report to better define the needs of the job market in the state.

Jacob Duritsky, vice president of strategy and research at Team NEO, believes this research is the first step in making the region more competitive.

“Particularly as it relates to health care, IT and manufacturing, we’re finding there is a great deal of demand from employers for those types of workers. But we haven’t necessarily done a good job of pushing people toward those occupations in terms of what they are getting credentialed. So we found that there is misalignment between the needs of employers and the types of degrees being conferred,” said Duritsky.

Duritsky hopes the findings will be helpful in career planning and encourage communication between educators and businesses to better prepare people for the job market.


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