New poster campaign seeks information on fatal arson

Oct 16, 2003

Six months after an arson killed five college students near the Ohio State University campus, the arsonist remains at large. University officials and police have announced a new poster campaign for information in the case.

John Kleberg of Ohio State's office of studnet affairs says the message of the posters is clear: police still want information, any information about the night of April 13th.

Two Ohio State students and three Ohio University students died after someone set fire to the 17th Avenue house in which they were sleeping.

The posters will be hung in campus buildings in in the neighborhood surrounding Ohio State. Posters will be sent to other local colleges in case studnets there know something. The university will also send out e-mails to OSU students, faculty and staff.

The Columbus police Crime Stopper's coordinator Mary Kerins says they don't want potential witnesses deciding if information is important. She says no piece of information is unimportant.

This is the first development in the case since the summer, when police were forced to relased a suspect because of a lack of evidence. OSU's John Kleberg says this is an opportune time to remind students the tragedy remains unsolved.