New Miami University Program Gives Free Tuition To Students While Working Part-Time

May 30, 2019

A state senator is touting a new program that he says can play a critical role in college affordability and workforce development by connecting college freshmen with employers.

Miami University’s Hamilton Campus is partnering with local employers. Together they will take in 50 students who can pursue any major they want while working part-time for one of the companies.

In turn the companies will pay a wage, pay tuition, and provide supportive housing.

Sen. Bill Coley (R-West Chester) is proposing a bill to encourage more programs like this.

“And help create a template that we can take this around the state and we can work in all our local communities and our local employers and create something that can work and develop this throughout the state of Ohio,” Coley says.

He says this is just one piece of the larger problem with workforce development which includes closing the skills gap for future employment.