Nationwide Moves Smaller Regional Offices To Permanent Remote Work

Apr 29, 2020

Nationwide Insurance announced a plan to shift some offices permanently to working from home. 

In a statement, Nationwide CEO Kirt Walker wrote that having 98% of the company working remotely due to COVID-19 proved that employees could work from home and meet demands

"Our associates and our technology team have proven to us that we can serve our members and partners with extraordinary care with a large portion of our team working from home," Walker said.

Nationwide’s Columbus headquarters and three other large regional offices, including the Grandview Yard location, will continue to function like normal. But the company is closing some of its smaller locations in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Virginia and having those employees work remotely.

This change will mean 30% of the company's workforce is working remotely. The company said it would like to increase that to 50%.

A spokesman says the Central Ohio office is part of their long term plan to serve Nationwide's clients.