Mustard Seed Market Closes Solon Store, Focuses on E-Commerce

Nov 3, 2019
Originally published on November 4, 2019 12:12 pm

With CBD products rising in popularity and more farmers beginning to grow hemp, the USDA this week released its first set of proposed regulations for the hemp-derived oil.

One local retailer is welcoming that move.

CBD products were so popular at Mustard Seed Market, they couldn’t keep them in stock. The retailer  created an e-commerce platform to sell its own brand, Hemp Luxe.

CEO Gabe Nabors said they welcome any possible regulations the USDA would impose on cannabidiol.

“Because it’s a new category and it has had a controversial history because of its relationship with marijuana, people need to understand that hemp is very different.”

Nabors wants to help educate people on which products are safe.

He sees growth potential with the e-commerce sales.

Mustard Seed's Solon location did not fit into that future. The store opened in 1999, but in recent years had faced greater competition from other organic food stores.

Mustard Seed's other brick-and-mortar locations in Highland Square and Montrose remain open. 

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