Murder Trial Delayed For William Husel

Mar 31, 2020

The murder trial of fired Mount Carmel doctor William Husel, who's accused of ordering excessive painkiller doses for dozens of patients, will be delayed due to coronavirus concerns.

Husel is accused of killing 25 intensive-care patients at Mount Carmel West Hospital. The victims were given at least 500 micrograms of the opioid fentanyl.

The trial's June 1 start date will be pushed back to an undetermined date, the judge and attorneys decided during a telephone conference Friday.

Another call is scheduled for April 24 to decide a new trial date. Husel's attorneys have said he was not trying to kill anyone and was only providing care to severely ill patients.

Timeline: The Mount Carmel Scandal So Far

Mount Carmel Health System fired Husel after ordering "excessive" painkillers for dozens of hospital patients, all of whom died.

Husel pleaded not guilty in June. His previous defense attorney has said the 43-year-old doctor was providing comfort care for dying patients, not trying to kill them.

In related lawsuits, Mount Carmel has reached settlements totaling $13.5 million. The hospital also fired 23 nurses, pharmacists and managers after an institutional review. They aren't being criminally prosecuted.