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Marion County Roads Closed After Heavy Snow And Rain

Jan 25, 2019

Marion County Emergency workers say floodwaters are beginning to recede, but with temperatures dropping, the department's shifting its focus to icy roads. 

A handful of roads west of the county seat are impassable after the Scioto River crested its banks, but emergency officials say no homes have been affected.

“So it just makes traveling through that area between La Rue and Kenton and Green Camp, very challenging to get around,” says Marion County emergency management director Sarah McNamee.

McNamee explains standing water raises concerns about roads icing over.

“We were concerned about that especially for the overnight hours where we had the negative wind chill temperatures," McNamee explains. "Because obviously standing water in any capacity is going to freeze at those levels.”

Forecasts show temperatures could dip below 0 again, as soon as next Tuesday.