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Lt. Gov. Husted Downplays Budget Stalemate

Jul 11, 2019

Ohio has been operating under a temporary budget for a week and a half. But Lt. Gov. Jon Husted isn't too worried about the budget stalemate, which must be resolved by next week.

Husted didn’t have to oversee a temporary budget when he was the House Speaker more than 10 years ago. Back then, the GOP members only controlled the House, but agreed with Democrats on tax cuts and government funding.

That's a major difference from today, when Republicans control the House, Senate and governor's office. Despite that, lawmakers failed to pass a two-year budget by the June 30 deadline because they still disagree on some key sticking points.

Husted downplayed concerns over the current budget fight.

“Everybody’s part of success and everybody’s part of failure and so, we all learn from this process," Husted says. "The end product is going to be a good product."

Ohio’s temporary budget will expire on July 17.