Letters From Home: 'It Gives Me Hope That I Will See My Family'

Feb 19, 2021

WOSU's Letters from Home collects stories about our day-to-day lives during the era of COVID-19. This week, Ohioans write in about the ways the coronavirus vaccines have changed their outlook on the future.

Sharon Herte from Germany (raised in Reynoldsburg, Ohio)

It gives me hope that I will see my family this year. The last time I saw them was August of 2019. Going out to eat, to the movies, etc. is not as important as seeing my family. Family will always be my priority.

Micaela Mendoza from Pickerington

My husband just received his second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Our children and I are still waiting for the vaccine to open to the general public – which might happen this summer. 

We still have a long way to go, and that means more social-distancing and mask-wearing. I just had a baby the day of the insurrection on the Capitol, and I'm worried that finding child care won't be easy.

We have an odd family situation. My parents are still working, my husband's mother passed away, and his father and stepmother live far away. We work from home due to the pandemic, but our work situation could change this year. 

I guess you could say we are hopeful, but scared that vaccines could be delayed and that schools and daycares will remain closed.

Barbara Dowell from Columbus

I have revamped my daily life to include only activities I do at home or on Zoom. I am writing a second book, which I had not planned on doing.

Winter in Columbus.
Credit Ryan Hitchcock / WOSU Public Media

This week, Letters From Home is continuing to ask the question: How has the COVID-19 vaccine changed your outlook on the future?

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