Last Minute Campaigning Brings Pence, Warren To Ohio

Nov 1, 2018

Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Mansfield Wednesday. He spoke at a rally of several hundred Republican Party supporters at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport. 

He called next week’s midterm election vital for continuing the forward momentum of President Donald Trump’s vision for the nation. 

The vice president asked the party faithful to vote for Ohio congressmen Troy Balderson and Bob Gibbs, Senate candidate Jim Renacci, and Mike DeWine for governor. He said they and other Republicans can help President Trump keep making America great again.

“It’s a choice between stronger borders and open borders. It’s a choice between a stronger military and an America that is respected again on the world stage, and an America that is on retreat on the world stage with a weaker military," Pence said. "It’s really a choice between independence and dependence. Frankly it’s a choice between jobs and mobs.”

The vice president also said it’s going to be a tight election and everybody needs to get out and vote.

President Trump will be in Cleveland on Monday.

Democratic candidates are getting help from their star power friends too.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will be at Ohio State and Ohio University on Thursday, just days after former Vice President Joe Biden visited Columbus. Trump has called Cordray a "far-left disciple" of Warren, a potential 2020 presidential contender whom Trump frequently targets for mockery.

Cordray was head of the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau, which was promoted by Warren.

President Obama appeared in Cleveland in September. At this point, Obama isn’t scheduled to return to Ohio but with polls showing tight statewide races, that could change.