Kasich Calls For NATO Help For France

Nov 16, 2015

Ohio Gov. and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is calling for action in the wake of the Friday terror attacks in Paris. 

Kasich appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Sunday Morning Futures”, invoking a provision of the NATO treaty that he says means an attack on one member affects all members.

“I think article five ought to be implemented, which means that all NATO members would assist France as they move to protect themselves and to root out the terrorists," Kasich said on Sunday.

Kasich also said President Obama should convene a meeting to jointly plan for what he called the need for military action to destroy ISIS, and he reiterated his call for boots on the ground and no fly zones in Syria.

He also said the US should only take in refugees that can be fully checked out, and that the US should also be watching Americans who travel back and forth.