How To Take Over A School District

Apr 18, 2019

In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, Mike Thompson and Steve Brown discuss proposed changes to how the state reforms schools with poor academic performance. Andy Chow, a reporter for the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau, joins the show.

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On this week's episode:

School Daze

The state of Ohio has the power to take over failing school districts and replace leadership with a CEO and a Academic Distress Commission.  Taking local control away from schools is highly controvertial, and many lawmakers are seeking to amend the process.

There are three bills currently circulating at the Statehouse that could radically change how the state can intervene. This could have big implications for Columbus City Schools, which recieved an "F" on their most recent report card.

Meanwhile, the state's unconstitutional school-funding system may finally be getting an overhaul.

Snollygoster Of The Week

President Trump said he supports the idea of busing detained immigrants to so-called "sanctuary cities" in retaliation for the Democrats' unwillingness to cooperate with his agenda. Could Columbus be on his list?