House, Senate Democrats Urge Legislature To Prioritize Domestic Violence Bills

Oct 30, 2019

Ohio House and Senate Democrats are calling on legislative leaders to pass a slew of bills they believe will reduce domestic violence and protect victims.

There are 16 bills currently sitting in the Ohio Legislature that address domestic violence.

Democratic Senator Teresa Fedor says lawmakers should focus on these bills.

"Imagine that all of these bills are passed because it's a priority for human beings, for human beings, for the next generation not to have the same problem," says Fedor.

These domestic violence bills include:

  • HB279, eliminates the spousal exceptions for certain sex offenses
  • HB351, allows victims to terminate lease agreements and find safer housing after obtaining a protection order
  • SB43, prohibits a person subject to a protection order or convicted of domestic violence from having a firearm
  • SB146, adds strangulation to Ohio’s definition of domestic violence

Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) was asked how Ohio stacks up against other states when it comes to laws that address domestic violence.

"I'm not so impressed. If you hear people come in, national speakers come in to talk at CLEs (continuing legal education), we're behind on a number of things," says Galonski.

While some of these bills have passed one chamber, none have been fully approved and sent to the governor's office yet.

Advocates for victims did point out that the House and Senate added a specific line item into the budget dedicated to domestic violence services.

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