History Of Protest In The U.S.

Sep 20, 2019

From Women’s Suffrage at the turn of the century to the 2016 Women’s Carch, from the bonus army World War I vets marching in the 1930s to the Vietnam protests of the 60s, protest is woven into the changing culture of the U.S.

While the tactics may have changed since the Boston Tea Party, the exercise of the first amendment right to assembly has remained strong in our country’s 200+ year history.

Today on All Sides Weekend, we’ll discuss the evolution of protest, how it’s changed, and the role it plays in our history.


  • Julie Abijanac, Associate Professor, Columbus College of Art & Design
  • Robert “Bob” Fitrakis, Political Science Professor, Columbus State Community College, Editor-in-Chief, Columbus Free Press
  • Pat Marida, Activist, Sierra Club volunteer