High School Senior Elected to Revere Board of Education

Nov 7, 2019

One of the new members of Revere Local Schools Board of Education is also a high school senior.

Mike Kahoe turned 18 on Oct. 10. On Tuesday, he was elected to the school board. He says this makes him the youngest elected official currently serving in Ohio.

Kahoe says his age may have been a barrier to overcome on the campaign trail, but that it’s a benefit on the board.

“Every decision that the school board’s made the past 12 years, every policy they’ve created, I’m one of the people that is actually affected," he says. "So, I bring really just a new, fresh perspective on things.”

Kahoe ran on a three step plan to increase transparency. He wants to have a “meet your board member” meeting for residents and make full meetings and short recaps available for viewing.

He says he’s always had an interest in politics and even volunteered on a few campaigns, but campaigning himself was different. He says he owes his success to the grassroots campaign he and his volunteers ran.

Kahoe will graduate in June and plans to attend college in the area.