He's Running Again: Mayor Andrew Ginther Files For Re-election

Feb 4, 2019

Mayor Andrew Ginther officially filed for re-election on Monday, ahead of the November 2019 mayoral election.

Ginther spoke with a small crowd outside the Franklin County Board of Elections before filing. He says he wants to continue the work of the last four years, while starting more concerted efforts in other areas. 

“Really focusing on affordable housing, and continuing to push the prosperity we’re seeing in parts of the city to every family and every neighborhood,” Ginther says.

Ginther, a Democrat, is the first person to put his name in for this year’s mayoral race. 

“Being mayor, I think, is the greatest job left in public service,” he says. "And I'm excited every day when I get up and get to go to work and work on things that matter to families and neighborhoods across this community."

Ginther was on the Columbus Board of Education and City Council before winning his first mayoral bid in 2015.