A Great Place To Live, Work And Raise A Family?

Feb 4, 2021

In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown discuss Gov. Mike DeWine's budget proposal, which includes $50 million to attract new residents to the state. Barbara Stapleton of the Greater Topeka Partnership joins the show.

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In this week's episode: 

Come To Progressive Ohio!

It’s budget time at the Ohio Statehouse. That means the governor and state legislators will decide how to spend $75 billion of your tax money over two years.

DeWine presented his budget proposal this week. A huge chunk would go to COVID relief, of course, but the governor also proposed spending $50 million to sell Ohio to people who live on the east and west coasts. DeWine said that no matter who you are, Ohio wants you, touting the state as "progressive."

The idea is not as crazy as it might sound. Las Vegas is trying to lure people from San Francisco and Seattle. South Dakota is advertising its lack of government red tape as it tries to bring Bostonians west.

And Topeka, Kans. will actually pay you to relocate. If you move to Topeka and rent an apartment, you could get $10,000. If you buy a house, you could get $15,000. 

Snollygoster Of The Week: State Rep. Scott Lipps (R-Franklin)

For many, the coronavirus vaccines now becoming available offer a ray of hope in what has been a long, dreary pandemic. But not everyone is a fan of the vaccine. Rep. Scott Lipps (R-Franklin) was recorded telling a anti-vaccination group, "I have to have energy to stop this vaccine s--- that’s coming."

Lipps is not just some random state legislator – he's the chair of the Ohio House health committee. He later clarified his remarks, saying that until we have proper studies and understand what we're putting in our bodies, we have to slow it down.

I <3 Ohio Contest

Snollygoster want your suggestions for new state slogans to help lure new residents to Ohio. Email us your ideas at the address below, or tag Mike @mthompsoncbus or Steve @radio_reporter on Twitter. The best submissions will be shared on a future episode.

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