Gov. Kasich Signs Orders On Gun Background Checks, Criminal Database Reporting

Sep 25, 2018

Gov. John Kasich is adding more oversight on local officials to make sure they’re entering crucial information into a national criminal database.

The system is used to make sure people convicted of violent crimes can’t get a gun. But Kasich says there are gaps. 

Kasich’s office of criminal justice services says education, streamlined systems, and better coordination can improve reporting into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

The report is the result of a working group Kasich formed earlier this year to look at the issue. In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Kasich announced his support for gun regulations like a "red flag law" and a ban on bump stocks, but the GOP-controlled General Assembly has not acted on them.

Kasich says this is an issue everyone should care about despite their stance on guns.

“Those people who are gun dealers need to know who they should sell a gun to and who they shouldn’t and if we’re right maybe 80 percent of the time that means 20 percent of the time it’s a blind sale,” Kasich said, adding that they did not know exactly how big the reporting gap is.

He also signed an executive order authorizing law enforcement to enter people with warrants and protection orders into the system. Both disqualify someone from getting a gun, but there’s no mandate to report that information.