Gazebo Where Tamir Rice Was Killed May Be Preserved

May 3, 2016

Cleveland is delaying its plan to dismantle the gazebo where Tamir Rice, 12, was fatally shot by police, in 2014. 

The city had planned to take down the gazebo this week—a decision the Rice family supported. But a statement from the mayor’s office says the city received a request, on Monday, to delay from a curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

A spokeswoman for the museum said the institution doesn’t have plans to add the structure to its collection, however. The curator had been talking about preservation with Black Lives Matter, according to an email he sent to the city law director.

The Rice family is open to the idea of preservation, according to one of their attorneys.

The city of Cleveland has agreed to hold off on dismantling the gazebo for 30 days.