Friend Of Oregon District Mass Shooter Pleads Guilty, Sentencing Set

Nov 20, 2019
Originally published on November 22, 2019 2:00 pm

A 24-year-old man accused of helping the Dayton mass shooter has pleaded guilty to illegally possessing firearms and lying on a federal firearms form.

Ethan Kollie from Kettering appeared Wednesday in Dayton Federal court.

As part of his guilty plea Kollie acknowledged lying on a United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Form 4473 when purchasing a micro Draco pistol. He denied using illegal drugs when authorities say Kollie used marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, an admission that would have prevented the sale from going through.

Investigators recovered the firearm and ammunition along with drug paraphernalia and other weapons from Kollie’s home after the Aug. 4 shooting. The Oregon District massacre left nine people dead and dozens of others injured, in addition to the death of the killer at the hands of police. 

Kollie is not charged with having a direct role in the attack. Authorities allege he assisted shooter Connor Betts by providing, and hiding body armor and weaponry later used in the mass shooting.

Kollie’s sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 20.

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