Freedom to Marry Amendment in Ohio/Columbus Curbside Recycling

Apr 17, 2012

10:00 Two same-sex marriage advocate groups in Ohio are dividing support over the constitutional amendment proposed for the Nov. 2013 election. What's the issue? Why are they in disagreement? On this hour of "All Sides," we'll talk about the amendment with representatives from both sides. Guests

  • Ed Mullen (Executive Director, Equality Ohio)
  • Mary Jo Kilroy (CEO, Freedom to Marry Ohio)

10:40 Rumpke has made changes to their facilities around Columbus to make it easier to sort recyclables in preparation for the city’s new curbside recycling. What did they change? How do you correctly use the new recycling program? On this hour of "All Sides," we'll talk about the new program and its implementation across the city. Guests

  • Jonathan Kissell (Corporate Communications Supervisor, Rumpke Recycling)
  • DeAnne Toto (Managing Editor, Recycling Today Media Group)