Franklin County Shifts To Paper Poll Books After Technical Issue

Nov 3, 2020

Electronic voter logs are down in Franklin County on Election Day, according to a poll worker. Voters will have to check-in using back-up paper poll books.

The paper voter log books, which are required as a contingency plan, will be used throughout the day. The issue appeared to cause delays when polls opened on Tuesday morning.

Franklin County Board of Elections spokesman Aaron Sellers says they ran into problems while trying to download the latest voter information to electronic poll books.

"Because of the size, there was an issue," Sellers said. "It was decided early this morning, because we couldn’t guarantee that the file was 100% downloaded, that we were going to go with paper poll books."

The Ohio Secretary of State's office tweeted on Tuesday morning that the shift from electronic to paper logs does not impact voting machines or allow someone to vote twice.

Voters were delayed in casting ballots at Maranatha Baptist Church on Trabue Road on Columbus' West Side, after someone misplaced the key with the voting materials. A worker from the Board of Elections had to come unlock the materials. 

This is a developing story and will be updated.