Franklin County Prosecutor Objects To Parole For Columbus Serial Rapist

Jun 17, 2019

Franklin County's prosecutor is objecting to the possible release of a notorious serial rapist.

Dr. Edward F. Jackson Jr. was sentenced to at least 282 years in prison in 1983. He’ll be eligible for parole in August.

Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says the number and nature of his crime means Jackson should stay behind bars.

“At his age you might think, 'Well, gee he’s no longer a threat,' but as far as I'm concerned he, because of his series of crimes, should die in prison and the victims are still living it and he should still live it," O'Brien said.

Jackson was convicted of raping 36 women, but he attacked up to 60 victims in Columbus over an eight-year span between 1975 and 1982.

Through two trials, Jackson received a maximum of 985 years in prison, and he is eligible for parole every few years. He previously asked for and was denied a shorter prison sentence.