Franklin County Board Of Elections Still Seeking Poll Workers

Sep 11, 2020

In the parking lot of Community Development for All People on Parsons Avenue, representatives from the Franklin County Board of Elections and the League of Women Voters discussed voting by mail and early voting opportunities, and gave an update on poll worker recruitment efforts. 

Elections Board director Ed Leonard says they are well on their way to securing the 5,000 poll workers needed to run November's election.

"We will have enough poll workers in order to be able to operate all the precinct locations," he says. "We’re not looking at having to consolidate precinct locations."

Leonard says people can apply to work the polls up until Election Day. After applying, they should wait a week or so to hear back.

"We are in that process now of assigning people and preparing for training, and we actually start poll worker training next week," he says.

Leonard says they could still use more volunteers to help staff curbside voting, which will be available for voters who don't feel comfortable going into polling places due to COVID-19 concerns.