Flashstarts Adds Akron-based OncoSolutions to Its Investment Portfolio

Feb 12, 2018

Flashstarts, a Cleveland business accelerator, is making its first investment of this year in an Akron-based company that grows 3D models of tumors.

OncoSolutions produces the models and uses them to test possible cancer treatments from pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Stephanie Ham is the cofounder and CEO of OncoSolutions.

It’s been really helpful already just to have Flashstarts on our side as we’re trying to grow, and we’re such an early-stage company that we’re starting that whole stage of funding. And to have somebody like Flashstarts on our side to kind of guide us through that and provide introduction and help us through that process is really exciting.

Ham says her doctoral dissertation at the University of Akron focused on the concept of 3D cancer cell models.

She says partnering with Flashstarts gives her access to the business knowledge and resources that can grow OncoSolutions.

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