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FirstEnergy Solutions Says Bill Brings Parity In Energy Incentives

Apr 18, 2019
Originally published on April 17, 2019 4:19 pm

FirstEnergy Solutions, the owner of Ohio’s two nuclear plants, told an Ohio House energy subcommittee that the proposed energy bill, HB6, would bring parity to energy policy. 

The energy bill would give out what’s being call “clean air” credits to energy generators who don’t produce carbon emissions. It would also do away with the green energy standards that require utilities to invest in alternative sources.

FirstEnergy Solutions Dave Griffing says this change will put nuclear on a level playing field with wind and solar energy.

“Who the state has chosen to incentivize not only the state but the federal government as well, where they’re getting tax credits or renewable credits for the same attribute that nuclear provides and doesn’t get compensated for,” says Griffing.

The bill would cost residential ratepayers $2.50 a month. There’s a debate over whether getting rid of the green energy requirements will end up costing people more or less on their electric bills.

Environmental advocates say this bill could discourage new wind and solar development projects.

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