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First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Prepares To Open In Columbus

Mar 21, 2019

Emily Ramach guides a tour through Terrasana – the first medical marijuana dispensary in Columbus.

“So a patient walks in, they get greeted by one of our wonderful patient consultants here,” she says.

Ramach is the general manager of the new dispensary on Grandview Avenue. The space looks like a cross between an Apple Store and a spa, and was designed with guidance from the state to ensure everything was up to code.

“We want to make sure this program is sustainable for everybody involved,” she says. “Patients, clinics, dispensaries, it’s really important for us all to work together.”

Ramach says she looks forward to serving those suffering from qualifying health issues.

“To be able to legally sell a medicine that is so important to so many patients, it’s a really really emotional thing to be making history here in Columbus,” she says.

Medical marijuana has been available to purchase in Ohio for around two months. The Department of Commerce reports more than $2 million of medical marijuana was purchased in that time, with prices average nearly $472 per ounce. So far, sales have been limited to marijuana buds, but the state recently certified its first processor, meaning oils, creams and edibles could soon be available.

Terrasana officially opens to the public on Tuesday. It will be the 10th dispensary operating in the state of Ohio.