Ex-Student Arrested For Threatening Shooting At Ohio High School

Jun 8, 2018

The Allen County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested 19-year-old Tristan Ascura of Lima early Thursday for threatening to shoot up a Northwest Ohio high school.

Ascura threatened four students at Elida High School, saying he was going to “shoot it up” on September 1. The students them reported the threat on Wednesday.

Spokesman Andre McConnahea says deputies seized a military-style AR-15 and 500 rounds of ammunition when they arrested Ascura.

“The Allen County Sheriff’s Office, we are Second Amendment supporters,” McConnahea says. “Unfortunately, when you start threatening places in our opinion, you’re no longer a responsible gun owner.”

Ascura is charged with inducing panic.

Ascura had attended Elida High School, but administrators dropped him from the rolls in early April due to a lack of attendance.

According to the Associated Press, superintendent Joel Mengerink applauded the four students, saying that they “acted heroically.”