To Energize Presidential Campaign, Tim Ryan Drops Policy Album On Spotify

Sep 30, 2019

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio 13) is trying something different in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, by releasing a recording of his policies in a Spotify album.

Called "A New and Better Agenda," the 10 tracks cover gun control, education, health care, college affordability, immigration, climate change and more.

"I want to join you, I want to throw gas on these fires that are burning in the United States," Ryan says on the album's final track. "I believe under all the political rhetoric that's happening on TV, that there is a nation ready to be born again, to transform these old broken systems with new ideas, to lead the world."

More than 1,000 people have given it a listen from New York City, Washington, Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia. Ryan is the first politician to use a music streaming service to campaign.

Kent State journalism professor Chance York specializes in political communication, and says the move certainly won’t hurt Ryan’s chances.

"I see it as a logical extension of using any available platform through the internet that you have and I would assume that the Ryan campaign has looked into the demographics and psychographics of Spotify and have concluded that that’s a reasonable outlet to reach primary voters."

However, York doubts that the policy album will give him Ryan substantial boost that he needs to revive his campaign.

Because Ryan didn't meet the Democratic National Committee's thresholds for either popular support or fundraising, he failed to qualify for a spot in the next Democratic debate, which is in Ryan's home state.

The next debate is scheduled for October 15 at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.